News on 4-22-18

We stopped doing news for a couple years. But today, and perhaps every now and again, we will throw out an overview of pertinent direction that we think you should check out. And at the top of this list, is an anonymous source of information that seems to have a similar vision as ours.

Known as Q, this anonymous source of information is taking the internet by storm in a direction toward unity in ending the corruption in our government. Who is this anonymous source? We shouldn’t care, that’s just a distraction. We should stay focused on the information being shared, which is some of the most bizarre information I have seen being shared with the general public. And probably one of the best and cleanest people discussing this information I have found is Sean’s Youtube channel. Listen to this interview with Harley from Larouche PAC; Definitely a reputable source, not just a YT channel with no credentials:

There are certainly many others that I follow who are covering it, even covering it better and in much more detail. But I wouldn’t want to be responsible for sending anyone there.

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