This week’s Bible portion is called Tazria | תזריע | “She will conceive “.

The name of the twenty-seventh reading from the “Bible in a year” is Tazria (תזריע), which means “she conceived.” The name is derived from the words of Leviticus 12:2, where the LORD says to Moses, “When a woman [conceives] and bears a male child …” Leviticus 12 discusses the laws of purification after childbirth. Leviticus 13 introduces the laws for diagnosing and quarantining lepers. Except in biblical calendar leap years, Tazria is read together with the subsequent Torah portion, Metzorah, on the same Sabbath.


Pentateuch Summary
Leviticus 12:1 | Purification of Women after Childbirth
Leviticus 13:1 | Leprosy, Varieties and Symptoms

Writings Summary
2Ki 4:42 | Elisha Feeds One Hundred Men
2Ki 5:1 | The Healing of Naaman

Prophets Summary
Hosea 1:1 | The Unfaithful Mother

Gospels Summary
Mat 8:1-4, Mark 13:14-37, Joh 6:8-13 | Healing and Making Clean, Birth Pangs

Letters Summary
Revelation 12 | The Woman and Child

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