In this week’s Bible Study we meet Korah (korach, קורח). Korah was the name of a prominent Levite. It is also the name of the thirty-eighth reading from the Bible in a year. It comes from the first verse of this week’s reading, which says, “Now Korah the son of Izhar… took action” (Numbers 16:1). This week’s Torah reading tells the story of how Korah led an unsuccessful rebellion against Moses and Aaron. After thwarting the insurrection, God confirms Aaron in the priesthood and provides additional legislation regarding priestly and Levitical privileges and responsibilities.

Contention against leadership is contagious, and contentious people work hard to convince their companions to join their cause. Korah’s initial grievances against Moses and Aaron had nothing to do with the Reubenites, but through frequent conversation and the subtle manipulation of ideas, Korah was able to draw his neighbors into sedition.

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Penteteuch Outline

  • Numbers 16:1 | Revolt of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram
  • Numbers 17:1 | The Budding of Aaron’s Rod
  • Numbers 18:1 | Responsibility of Priests and Levites
  • Numbers 18:8 | The Priests’ Portion


  • 1Sa 11:1 | Saul Defeats the Ammonites
  • 1Sa 12:1 | Samuel’s Farewell Address

We read in Jude (Judah) something similar.